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If you are one of the upper crust, you are a member of society's highest class.

Example: If Laura was really part of the upper crust, she wouldn't need to borrow money all the time, would she?

Alta sociedad.

Example sentences:

  • Only children from the upper crust go to that school / Sólo los niños de la alta sociedad van a esa escuela.

  • Ralph wants people to think he's in the upper crust, so he wears expensive clothes / Ralph quiere que la gente piense que él es de la alta sociedad, así que usa ropa costosa. 

  • James is from the upper crust, but he is penniless / James es de la alta sociedad, pero está sin dinero.

Additional examples: 

  • Marge does a great imitation of an upper-crust "society queen". It's really funny, and her upper-crust accent is perfect.

  • Jane speaks like that because she pretends to be from the upper crust, but her father was a miner.  

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