viernes, 24 de octubre de 2014



If something is hard to come by, it is difficult to find.

Example: Good jobs in the airline industy have been hard to come by recently.

Difícil de encontrar.

Example sentences:

  • A good cheap hotel is hard to come by in London these days / Un buen hotel económico es difícil de econtrar en Londres en estos días.

  • Collectible stamps that are hard to come by are generally more expensive than those that are more common / Los sellos de colección que son más difícil de encotrar son generalmente más caros que los que son más comunes.

Additional examples:

  • False identification is very hard to come by nowadays because it is difficult to produce and it's still quite illegal.

  • Floor seat tickets for the big game were hard to come by, so I finally paid a lot of money to a ticket scalper to get them.

  • The old fashioned mine cut diamonds that used to be common are hard to come by these days, but still valuable.

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