viernes, 27 de febrero de 2015



If you say it's now or never, you mean that something has to be done now or it can't be done at all. 

Example: It was my last day with the company, so it was now or never. I went up to Jenny and asked her out on a date.

Es ahora o nunca.

Example sentences:

  • The band is going to break up after this tour, so if you want to see them perform, it's now or never / La banda va a separarse después de esta gira, asi que si quieres ver su show, es ahora o nunca.

  • If someone says "it's now or never", it means it's the last chance to do something / Si alguien dice "es ahora o nunca", significa que es la última oportunidad para hacer algo.

Additional examples:

  • This is your only chance, John. It's now or never.

  • I decided that it was now or never, and jumped.

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