viernes, 24 de junio de 2016



If you come a cropper, you fall over, or you make a mistake which has serious consequences for you.

Example: A radio announcer really came a cropper when he made a racist remark. He lost his job and now he can't get another one.

Dar un golpe.

Example sentences:

  • I came a cropper in the bathroom because the floor was slippery / Me di un golpe en el baño porque el suelo estaba resbaladizo.

  • The prime minister came a cropper while coming down the steps and hurt his backside / El primer ministro se dió un golpe mientras bajaba las escaleras y se lastimó su trasero.

Additional examples:

  • If you don't get down off that wall you're going to come a cropper.

  • Bob invested all his money in the stock market just before it fell. Boy, did he come a cropper.  

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