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You pay the price for doing something when you experience the unpleasant results of doing it.

Example: Martin thinks that growing up means knowing that you have to pay the price for doing certain things, and then making good choices based on that knowledge.

Pagar el precio.

Example sentences:

  • You mightn't feel the effects of smoking cigarettes while you're young, but you'll definitely pay the price when you're older / Es posible que no sientas los efectos de fumar cigarrillos mientras eres joven, pero definitivamente pagarás el precio cuando seas mayor.

  • I've got a bad headache this morning. I guess I'm paying the price for drinking too much alcohol last night / Tengo un fuerte dolor de cabeza esta mañana. Supongo que estoy pagando el precio por beber demasiado alcohol anoche.

Additional examples:

  • If this is the quality of goods that you require, you will have to pay the price.

  • Professional athletes often pay a price for the beating their bodies have taken.

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